4x GMPR HRCH King Viper of HRK

Viper is the real deal & I'm proud to have Viper available to stand stud here at Greenwing Kennel! Viper is owned by a good friend Mike Sauer from Gaylord, MI. I have been able to watch Viper, along side of Becca, through his training and have been able to hunt  over him multiple time.  Viper has great upland skill with good range and normally hold his points on birds 10 – 15 yards away. Viper is also team player when it comes retriever side of things.  

His pedigree says it all, son of 4x GMPR HRCH Arrowpoint Kenai Midnight Sun MH x APR HRK's Liberators Outlaw Jesse. The first breeding between Kenai and Jesse produced Viper and two other GMPRs. 

He is the whole package, I breed Becca to Viper this past fall. I kept a pup from the litter and I'm in contact with 3 other pup owner on regular basis. We are loving what we are seeing out of this pups already!!! My pup, Jake,  from his first litter received it’s CPR at Wisconsin Test, a couple days away being 8 months and was completely steady to wing and shot!


AKC: SR67174801
UKC: R231-627
Weight: 59 lbs
Eye Cert: Clear
Viper's OFA

For Stud info, Call Mike Sauer @ (989) 370-8456