Our Approach

My passion with Pointing Labs started back in the fall of 1998. I had been Grouse hunting with a friend who owned a German Shorthair Pointer. I also went duck and goose hunting with other friends, but we did all the retrieving. I have always loved the temperament of Labradors, but I wanted a pointing dog for the grouse woods.

When I decided to get a dog, I spent most of that fall looking at the different breeds. That was when my buddy gave a copy of GunDog Magazine, and when I saw ads for Pointing Labs it was that day I knew I could have the best of all worlds! I spent four months calling and talking to different breeders, checking out the different websites. I finally decided on a pup out of a kennel in Wisconsin. I have been sold on the Pointing Labs ever since.

My goal is to continue a line of dogs that are not just a retrievers or a pointers, but a great upland pointing dog that is equally at home in the duck blind! My dogs spends about 80% of their time in the field chasing grouse, woodcock, and then guiding and retrieving for pheasant drives at Wycamp Lake Club on the weekends October through December. When we can, we get out to the duck blind and knock down a few mallards.

Our Story

Getting into dogs has lead down a whole different career path. I was working in a restaurant which gave plenty of free time during the day. From fishing, to training dogs, to being asked to guide pheasant hunts at our local preserve, Wycamp Lake Club. I also came to understand the importance of proper gun fit and the value of shooting lessons after I got one too many looks from Isaac saying “you missed again…” (You know that look…)

So after going and doing a Gun Fitting and going to a shooting school, I shot a lot of shells and worked on my shooting skills at the local shooting ranges. While out in the field with clients I was guiding for, I also realized there was majority that could use help with their shooting skills. I attended a Shooting Instructor Certification School with The National Sporting Clays Association and passed!

Later that year, the opportunity came for me to be able apprentice under one of the best Gun Fitters in the USA at Fieldsport in Traverses City, MI. I spent three years learning from Bryan Bilinski before moving back to Alanson. Isaac was in his prime and it was time to get another pup going…I spent the next couple years waiting tables at night and dog training during the day with few shooting lesson mixed in.

Even though I now have Monday-Friday day job in wine sales, this job has allowed me to take my dogs farther than before. From Becca going and spending time at Hunter’s Rose Kennel with Dale Swiderski, to spending evening running drills, to going out on Saturdays with the crew for full day of retriever training. I am looking forward to seeing where Annie, Becca and the future pups take me! Meet the Team